Beautiful Handmade Furniture & Home Decor

Furnish your home with beautiful handmade furniture, decor, and accessories from Bella Home Furnishings. We specialize in upholstered and leather furniture from all over the world.

An Eclectic Selection

Whether you want chic, industrial pieces or antiques imported from around the world, you'll find what you're looking for in our showroom. We carry everything from hand-carved pillars to humorous pigs. Our selection also includes complete living room, kitchen, and dining room sets.

Complete Customization

Our talented sales team is here to help you match your purchase to perfect accessories and accent pieces. We can even match your existing home decor or furniture with custom upholstery and throw pillows to create a cohesive overall look.

Blue Chair with Red Pillow
Two Chairs

Green Design Choices

At Bella Home Furnishings, we are committed to green design. We offer a great selection of antique and reclaimed pieces that are great choices for environmentally conscious consumers. Visit our location to check out our gorgeous farm tables made from reclaimed wood. They'll look great in a classic country cottage and make a great conversation piece at your next dinner party.